Guide To Giveaways

I get a lot of random questions about giveaways from new subscribers. I try to design them to be as uncomplicated as possible, but here’s general guidelines:

-Most giveaways are weekly. So at least every few videos, I’ve probably named a winner and started a new round. They’re just a way for me to say thanks to my subscribers for being awesome

-They’re only for subscribers, I pick randomly through comments on videos and the winner’s comment is just copied and pasted into a video. When I say “congrats XXXX, please email on the ‘About Page’ of my channel so I can get your contact details.

-I can’t include comments that say “give me the giveaway” or “I want to win the giveaway”. So if you do want to participate and you’re a subscriber. All you have to do is leave a normal comment. Preferably about something specific to the content of the video.

-Giveaways are always specific to each Brand. I only pick Marvel giveaway winners from Marvel videos, Game of Thrones from Game of Thrones videos, etc.

-If you hear me name you as a winner and also see your comment appear in a video, you need to email me either on the ‘About Page’ of my channel. Or via my website here. All emails go to the same place. I check my messages a couple times a week. Please don’t post your personal info in general video comments.

-There’s no time limit for claiming a giveaway. If you see a video from last year and only just now realize you won. You can still claim it, no worries.

-I try to change the giveaways depending on what’s most important or by popular demand during different parts of the year. But I’ll keep doing them as long as people want.

Thanks Everyone for all your Support!

-Charlie (Emergency Awesome)